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Cyber and Network Security

(SIEM) Security Information and Event Management

Cyber and Network Security

Threat detection requires visibility and understanding of the massive sets of log data your client environments generate. What’s normal? What’s anomalous and in need of investigation?

For MSPs, finding needles in the haystack requires easy and automated log ingestion and analysis for detection of threats—backed by 24/7 SOC experts.

See the Demo: Centralize threat visibility and analysis backed by cutting-edge threat intelligence and 24/7 SOC support.

⦁ Multi-tenancy SIEM platform (formally Perch)
⦁ Aggregated alert analysis & response
⦁ Threat intelligence feeds
⦁ Threat visualizations and dashboards
⦁ Reporting

Trusted Solutions

  • Dell PowerEdge Servers
  • Cisco Meraki.
  • UniFi.
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