BTech IT

Data Backup and Recovery

Axcient360 Direct to Cloud

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Without the Appliance

⦁ 15-minute RPO using Chain-Free and 1-hour RTO

⦁ Instant cloud virtualization, for BDR and Endpoint Backup

⦁ Axcient AirGap safety archive for ransomware recovery

⦁ The Axcient x360 portal for support, training, billing, and marketing

⦁ Runs in parallel with existing backups

⦁ Local Cache accelerates file, bare-metal restore and local virtualization

Comprehensive Business

Continuity & Disaster Recovery with an Appliance

⦁ Pooled storage for a flat fee (per our Fair Use Policy)
⦁ RPO of 15-minutes and RTO of less than 1-hour
⦁ Self-manage disaster recovery & virtualization for faster RTO and RPO
⦁ AirGap protects your backups against attackers and ransomware
⦁ PSA and RMM integration to automate ticketing and billing processes
⦁ The choice to bring your own device (BYOD) or use your data center

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